PPI – 12.5% FEE


Since 2009, drppiclaims.co.uk have been helping our customers receive payouts for mis sold ppi.

We offer a service which is second to none in the UK. There are absolutely no upfront costs or charges, when you make a PPI claim with us. Our PPI Claims team consists of a panel of experienced solicitors, who will fight hard to ensure that you receive every penny of any compensation which may be owed to you.

Our forms are easy to complete and fill out and we are always available and ready to help you, if require any assistance in completing your PPI Claims pack.


Was a payment protection insurance policy added to your monthly bill by your bank, without your prior knowledge?

When you took out a loan, were you told by the bank’s employees that PPI was a necessary part of the loan agreement and you were required to have it as well?

If you received a loan extension, did the bank add PPI to your loan, without informing you? Or did they say it had to be added?


Payment protection insurance was intended to cover the outstanding payments a person had on loans, car finance, credit cards or mortgages –  if that person later, lost their job, became ill or was unable to meet those payments for whatever other reason.

PPI was mis sold by the banks to millions of people in the UK. How PPI worked and the monthly payments and other conditions a person would be liable for, were never fully explained to most people.

A major factor in the mis-selling of PPI, was the banks offering its employees incentives, in the form of big bonuses to drive sales. The banks knew full-well of how useless payment protection insurance was, but their only concern was to rip people off and earn quick money.

In 2011, the banks lost a series of high court rulings bought on by consumer groups, who ruled in  favour of consumers and the high court judgement forced the banks to pay out compensation to people who were mis sold ppi.

If you believe you were mis sold ppi – one of the first steps you need to take in order to ensure that you have a valid ppi claim, is to sift through your old bank statements and check to see if you were paying for PPI.

It usually should appear somewhere on your bank/card statement. If it isn’t there, another way is to look through any credit card, loan or mortgage –  contract/terms and conditions documents and look for PPI.

If you find PPI somewhere, then call us and our team of ppi claims solicitors will analyse your claim and we will work out if you can make a PPI Claim.

We are unlike other claims management companies, many of whom operate in shady practices and whose only concern is to squeeze out as much money as possible from any person who makes a PPI Claim with them, by charging exorbitant PPI fees and by filing false PPI claims with the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service)

How Our PPI Claims Process Works 

To make a PPI Claim, with drppiclaims.co.uk, either fill out our form on the homepage. We will then call you back and we will go through your documents and see if you can file a PPI Claim.

If you are able to register a PPI claim, we will either complete your ppi claim form over the phone with you or we will send you our easy to fill out forms via post.

If you choose to complete your PPI claim over the phone, we can start working on your PPI case the same day. And if you receive our PPI pack by post, all you have to do, is sign the terms and conditions and letter of authority and return the pack to us.

After we receive your documentation, our team of PPI claims solicitors will liaise with the banks and will try to get a final decision from the banks regarding your PPI Claim.

Due to the massive increase of PPI claims being dealt by the banks, they sometimes can request for more time than the allotted eight weeks, that they are supposed to deal with the ppi claims that they receive.

If you PPI claim is successful you will receive a letter by post confirming your ppi compensation and then a cheque, for your successful PPI payout.

If you claim is not successful, we will lodge your PPI claim with the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) who can take 6 to 10 months to investigate the PPI Claims that they receive.

However, this occurs only occasionally and the majority of PPI Claims dealt by us are completed within 8 weeks.